Core Services


We structure detailed analysis to support decisions to buy, hold, and sell as well as formulate real estate investment plans for our clients. We understand net lease like no other and provide the best in class advisory services.


Our intimate market knowledge and continuous buyer communication enables us to advise owners on leading-edge pricing and forecasting trends. We are known for our honesty and always tell the client what they need to hear and not what they want to hear.


We are known for leading the industry in our marketing. What constantly sets us apart from those that follow is our ability to literally create a market for each listing and bring the highest qualified buyers to the highest quality inventory in the net lease space.


Our secure and confidential web-based due diligence platform allows clients and buyers to easily share diligence materials. And the entire process is managed with attorney-level review with a team that closes an average of 250 listings each year.


We read and review over a thousand leases each year with attorney-level review from major tenants to small operators. Our experience in creating markets coupled with our in-depth knowledge of commercial leases provides our clients with top level lease and extension negotiations.


With our pulse on the market, we provide cutting-edge market information and produce hundreds of innovative reports annually. Our proprietary software readily compliments all of our other channels, from client advisory to marketing to valuation. And our research encompasses all segments and submarkets.